An Informal Reader’s Survey of the Narcissist Diagnosis

10/20/2013 § 7 Comments

Here’s something to think about.

In Wikipedia, it says that Narcissists seldom allow themselves to be diagnosed, and seldom accept the diagnosis or identification of ‘Narcissist’ from others.   So how do we, who write and blog about surviving Narcissism, conclude that we or someone else is a Narcissist?  

1. Was the loved one in your life given a professional diagnosis or was it an educated guess?  

2. How reliable do you think professional diagnoses are, anyway?  

3. How reliable is a non-professional diagnosis?  

4. Should Narcissism be applied to a different set of rules than other mental health disorders because it is so squishy?

5. And how about uou, anyway? Are you, A. a Narcissist yourself; B. a spouse of a Nafcissist; C. a child of a Narcissist; D. a relative of a Narcissist; E. a colleague of a Narcissist; or F. Other. How do you know?

I just finished reading an article in Stephen Bach’s blog ”The Narcissist’s Son” in which he wrote about a family counseling session that was heavily manipulated by his Narcissistic mother.  Narcissists love to project their negative features onto others, so I suspect that where there is a legitimate Narcissist, you will find no diagnosis, but surrounding him or her will be numerous family members with false diagnosis. I myself was falsely diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and ADHD.

6. If you are a child or related kin to a Narcissist, were you incorrectly diagnosed with an MH Disorder in lieu of the Narcissist?

It would be interesting to read what our respondents have to say ln these questions. It will help me better understand who we are.

For the record, I diagnosed my mother myself. There isn’t a hope or a prayer of anyone in our family concurring. As the Narcissist’s Scapegoat, who would listen to a son ‘with ADHD’ claim the mother is a Narci?
Thanks for your time, and I look forsard to your response. I will rrpost this whrn I can figure how to use the Survey Widget.
Vic Banner,

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