Mission Report

04/02/2013 § 6 Comments


I came to Earth to check on its health and I got stuck here.
I am unable to contact my Galactic Community.
The family I bonded with genetically on Earth was extremely damaged by religious prejudice and had lost their way.
I offered to help them but had underestimated the extent of their damage.
They used my natural receptivity to collect and warehouse their persecution trauma rather than to overcome it.
I have spent most of this lifetime reliving the worst part of their people’s history.
I have discovered why the humans are destroying themselves, but have not attained sufficient control of this body to establish meaningful contact.
I learned that successful root penetration with the Earth’s protein network or Protosphere increases the more I distance myself from my biological progenitors.
This process has physically relocated me to a region that has received virtually no influence from my genetic ancestry.
It is here on a volcanic shelf flanking the Earth’s largest land mass that I am finding sufficient traction to integrate my Galactic mind, physical body and geophysical heart.
Apparently I have had to forget why I am doing this in order to reintegrate at a higher level with the planetary matrix..
Meanwhile, the legendary and mythical planet Earth is reaching a saturation level of humanoid proliferation hosting a wide variety of alien colonizers with irreconcilable policies about utilizing the earth.
Widespread desertification and specicide is at the tipping point, activating the Planetary Heart to awaken to a forced maturity.
If you want to know who I am, I am the Living Earth awakening into a mammalian humanoid body, and having a rough time of it.

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