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Vic Banner
Between Tokyo and Fukushima Number 1 Nuclear Power Plant, Japan

Bio: My name is Victorious, but do call me Vic. I’m the Son of a Bitch who’s a Narcissist dick. I teach English in ‘Pan, drink Joe from a can, and paint paintings of pain because of I can!



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  • Anonymous says:

    Have you thought of putting a Bio on your “About” page. I would love to read a little bit about you. Also, Do you have a “Follow” widget on your sidebar. I couldn’t seem to find it.

    I have a just started a new blog about surviving child abuse if you would like to look at it. I have several disorders in surviving what I experienced.

    • Vic Banner says:

      Anonymous, thank you for writing.
      Though I’ve had this blog for over a year, I’m still learning how to use it just as I’m still learning how to speak as the son of a Narcissistic mother and child abuse survivor. I’ll look into the Follow widget, and I think I know enough about Victor Banner now to write his bio.

      I’ll write about your own blog when I visit it. I am not a Christian; I am Jewish with a penchant for Buddhism. There’s a lot I like about Christianity and a lot that I don’t like. One of it’s best features is its ability to launch programs to help people with hidden diseases, like addictions and mental health issues, to provide community and security at the same time. Two elements that are missing in my life. Jewish culture provides community but with hidden conditions attached; we Jews are too quick to cast out individuals who question Internalized Jewish Anti-Semitism– our collective self-hatred for having survived the Holocaust. Hoo-hah! Now that’s something to blog about!
      Take care and thanks again,
      Victor E. Banner

    • Vic Banner says:

      I finally did a little while ago. Thanks, Anonymous.
      I find this blog hard to navigate, and haven’t found the Follow Widget either. Maybe now that my browser is working right again…
      Happy New Years,
      Mr. Vic

  • Anonymous says:

    If you would like a little bit of help with adding stuff to your blog I’d be glad to pitch in. Contact me privatly on my “Contact Me” page and we can talk about it if you would like.

  • Tom says:

    Hey, I am very fascinated by your blog, we seem to be on the same wavelength. I only had this realization of my mother as of recently. Being in medical school hasn’t even changed anything and I’m miserable here. It’s really a cycle, my grandma is worse and her father seemed to be one as well. I, however, am not. If anything, I am more on the schizoid side of things preferring to focus on reading, the arts and I have no desire to control anyone. Attending one of the best universities in the country and trying my best has not stopped me from being thrown onto the streets multiple times growing up nor has it rid me of the horrible anxiety I get for being reprimanded for absolutely no reason my entire life. If anything, it has gotten worse and it took a lot of falls to figure this out. I do not wish to be back into that position, I lost my sense of self along the way and now need to figure out what is the best course of action. Is there anyway to message you through here?

    • Vic Banner says:

      Tom, Im real glad you wrote! I sent you a message offblog.
      Though I’ve been looking for answers since I was 12, I lnly figured out my mom is Narci 2 1/2 years ago. Welcome to the club! I think finding out the problem is half of the solution.
      Do you know the personality patterns children of Narcissistic Parents? Golden Child, Scapegoat, and what I call the Lost Children. Im a scapegoat, and what you describe is similar. By the time I figured out there was nothing wrong with me I had more ticks than a Kentucky hounddog!
      Are you an only child or have you siblings? They’re all Children of Narcissists, so it gets very complicated. In my family, they all went after the scapegoat.
      Then again, you’re in medical school, where a lot of Golden Sons end up. But I went to ‘the best art school in America’ in the ’70s, so I guess there can be a little Golden Child in the Scapegoat and visa versa.
      I dropped out of Art School 2 years later, because I didnt fit in, and because I wanted to get out from under her control. She never forgave me fr dropping out. But it took me a long long time to attain autonomy, because I was trained to be dependent on her. The learning curve was steep and harsh and I fell off it a few times.
      You’ve figured it out much earlier than I did, so you have many more options. You dont need to be in med school if you don’t want, and you can take time off. You need to find yourself, but you’re going to quicker than I did.
      We really are blessed. Most people dont survive the karma trap we survived– my brothers and sisters sure didn’t; we are wounded healers. America and the world is run by Narcissists and Psychopaths, and we know how to spot them.
      Good luck and keep in touch,
      Vic Banner,
      Son of Race Banner,
      Guardian of Johnny Quest!

  • Hi Vic,
    You need to get “Follow” and “Follow Button” widgets on your blog. I clicked on the ‘following’ button in the black stripe at the top of your blog, but it didn’t work so that I could get your posts coming into me e-mail. If you want help with how to do this let me know on my Contact form here:

    • Vic Banner says:

      Another commenter said this a while ago, but I thought the following button in the black stripe was the widget.
      Thanks. I’m on it now. I’ll let you know if I need help.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. I’m able to “Follow” you now. But the button was hard to find at the bottom of your blog. Maybe you might want to move it up near the top (?) Just click and hold on it to maneuver it to near the top.

      • Vic Banner says:

        I had to go into the Widget field in the dashboard and rearrange the order of the sidebar widgets from there. The follow button is on the top now. Thanks for the advice. Please checkitout and let me know if it works for you.
        I have 36 followers according to my stat page, wow, I didn’t think it was that much! So people are finding the follow button, but maybe more will where it is placed now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes. I see it. That’s great. I am now “officially” following you.

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