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09/08/2014 § 2 Comments

On Training Your 4’9″ Narcissitic Monster

I started this entry feeling hopeless about my latest round of correspondence with Little Betty. I fell asleep, inadvertently losing everything I wrote in this post because I didn’t save it.  When I woke up, the problem was already solved.

Her letter appeared in my Yahoo mailbox like a call to arms. “Happy Birthday,” it began, before slapping me in the face. “I know I’m not allowed to write you, but I just want to wish you a happy birthday, your 60th?”

My 59th, but no matter. This was very difficult to translate. For the past week I interpreted it as, “Sure, you told me it’s okay to write you in Yahoo, but it didn’t register because I never listen to a thing you say. So I’ll cover it up by snarkily implying that you hate me.”

But last night, just as I fell asleep without saving my post, I realized that this was the first time since I started the mailbox account five years ago just for mom that she has actually used it. In other words, I called her bluff and she finally showed her weak hand, and coughed so that I wouldn’t realize that I had won.  What a freak!  And I didn’t for a whole week, too.

So I woke up feeling real good.  I can’t do 100% No Contact, but this 97 % is working out for me.

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