Quantum Leap Journal #13 5/20/14

06/08/2014 § Leave a comment

Hired and Fired in 2 days (from my personal diary) 5/20/14

It just keeps getting worse and worse, dont it?  Im always several steps behind my baser affects. 

Two thoughts; two items:1) Now I know my records at M___ Elementary School are tainted.  What with?  It might be very hard to get hired without Divine Intervention. But, maybe its a good thing it was exposed and now I know about it. 

2) By going through the orientation at F____ Board of Education, I realized that I really didnt want to work there again, but felt like I had no other choice– I couldnt fool around with the visa sponsorship.  But this whole set-up sucks.  They called me in at the last minute, and gave me no time–, not even one night– to think about it.  They had a shotgun to my head with a visa dangling in front of me.  How did I get into this?  

A friend texted to me about this, “See, I told you [that company] was evil!”

Working again for this school system would have made for a miserable 10 months.  The Japanese Coordinators (JC) call the shots; the curriculum they write is heavy with English mistakes but sacrosanct to them, they only want pronunciation assistance and power drilling from the Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs); no grammar, no vocabulary–, that’s what the JCs are for; and they want no disagreement between the ALT and JC.  

Looking back at my work 3 years ago there, I was a naive wreck.  I simply didnt get it that the Japanese want the Japanese-English Pidjin Language that they invented, and not the real language I teach.  Any attempts on my part to change their agenda was destined to blow up in my face.  The job I had after that was just the same. Boy did I blow it the last time. 

I’m going to have to start looking for Plan B options more seriously.  I may not get my visa.   


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