The Quantum Leap Journal #11; 5/19/14

05/27/2014 § Leave a comment

Out of the Frying Pan edition
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The crisis is averted, for now. Another has begun, potentially. I have a job, theoretically. I have a visa sponsor. It is my old employer from 3 years ago. Funnyboffo City Board of Education, the organization that traumatized me 3 years ago.  Welcome Back!

The day after I got the interview appointment was a Saturday; I went to see my therapist. “Dont put all your eggs in one basket” she says. Fair enough. Im going to follow through on my other job leads and not just count on this one job interview to solve all my problems.

But Saturday afternoon I’m just too burned out to work on the applications for the three kids jobs. I end up blowing off the whole afternoon watching movies on You Tube. I just can’t bring myself to look for work.

The next day, Sunday, I spend the whole day working on resumes, and dont get to work on preparing for the interview– definitely something I want to do”.

So Monday rolls around, and I write a checklist of materials I need to prepare for the interview with the human resource agency Interac in the afternoon. As I start preparing, I go to the agencys website, and start to fill out some information, and realize theres a whole enormous application form I didnt see. So I start to work on it, and by the time I have to leave I only half finished it, and didnt get to work on preparing answers to possible questions they might have.

The long-story-short is that it turned out to be for a city-wide school system I worked for before. The orientation was the next day, the first day of class was the day after. I told him I required a day to think it over– I didnt like working for this organization the first time. He laughed at me. The wheels were all set in motion already. If I want my visa, I take the job. I always said, never do anything they tell you to do with a gun to your head. And now theres a gun to my head, take this big package I wasnt crazy about, the pay not so good, but I get my visa renewed. I felt so good!

But that is all going to change. (To be continued.)


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