The Quantum Leap Journal #10; 5/16/14

05/24/2014 § Leave a comment

Osage Orange 1

The one about the good job offering.

Oh, wow, a lot has happened. A lot of nothing.
This was a Friday. I went into Tokyo, went for a dentist’s appointment, on the way back stopped off at an Asian food store that sells Filipino, Chinese, Indian and Thai foods, bought some red lentils and mung beans for myself, a jar of chili-pepper paste for a new Chinese friend of mine who can’t get the good stuff here in Japan.
Back on the train platform, I see a missed a phonecall on my cellfone from somebody. It’s Interac, a big big job agency specializing in Native English speaker/teachers that goes into a city board of education and buys up all the contracts for all the schools in that city. Since I need an organization to sponsor me in six weeks or I have to leave Japan, I was excited; they have a bad reputation but they have a lot of contracts, so I could easily get a job.
I talk to the recruiter. Its mid Friday and he wants me to come in Monday. I make an appointment for the late afternoon, and feel about 10 kilos lighter as I make my way home.
(To be Continued)


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