Asleep at the Wheel!

01/27/2014 § 1 Comment

Just before Christmas, I had  a significant realization about my Narcissistic Mom that has changed how I think about everything. 

It starts with a thought in response to the book/movie *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.*  Here*s this woman who is being sexually toyed with by her parole officer, so she brings to her next appointment a surveillance camera hidden in a bag she carries.  He loses his moral compass and all-out rapes her, but she’s got it all on video.  So she comes back to his place late at night, hogties him with cables and pullies, sodomizes him with a dildo, tattoos *I am a pervert and rapist* crudely on his chest, and  then shows him the video and blackmails him.

Question: does he get the message?  What do you think?

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Never a Time

01/12/2014 § 5 Comments

For the last six months, I’ve been writing the words, *There was never a time*– just that — on napkins and notepage headers. I tried and tried but couldnt get the words out. Yesterday morning the words came out. Ursula K.Le Guin calls this effect the bung-puller, like a cork that won’t come out from the bottle and until it finally bursts out explosively spewing wet fizzy all over the place.

There never was a time it could have been prevented.
There never was a time you could have changed your fate.
She acted mechanically. She lived as if her path were cast in iron.
Only once long ago did she make all her choices.
Before you ever arrived:

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Anyone Might Be Crazy: a Parable.

01/02/2014 § 1 Comment

Along the pathless path, there are incidents that prepare us for the unseen.

1987; I was living in New England. I looked for a place to rent and chanced upon a beautiful farmhouse ten minutes out of town.  A bit pricey but it had 4 bedrooms and if I found 2 or 3 more renters I could afford it.  Right away, a beautiful redhead with a calico cat came on board, and we ate our dinners together. « Read the rest of this entry »

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