Game of Thrones: Tywin Lannister is a Narcissist

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HBO’s fantasy series ”The Game of Thrones,” a shrewd cross between ”The Lord of the Rings” and ”The Sopranos,” has a special treat for surviving children of Narcissistic parents; the sourcebook author George R.R. Martin has a good eye for writing on dysfunctional families, and nobody does dysfunction quite as well as the Lannisters.
Lord Tywin Lannister is a humorless family patriarch and de facto king whose primary drive is to feed the justification for his family’s grandiosity, which fuels his own. He doesn’t take pleasure in the suffering of others as some other characters, notably the Bastard Ramsey Snow; but he’ll lay waste to a third of Westeros to protect the family name, i.e. his self image.
As his daughter, Queen Cercei, says, ” Anyone who is not us is an enemy.”  She actually starts a war to protect her dirty little secret: that she and her brother Jaimie are lovers so that the king’s son and heir, Joffrey, has not a drop of the king’s blood in him.
Cercei and Jaime are truly golden Golden Children, beautiful and arrogant blondes, perfectly willing to be their father’s puppets.
And they both go along with exploiting the family’s scapegoat.  Tyrion is a dwarf.
In the family’s version of history, Tyrion’s mother died in birthing him, so therefore he killed her.  His ”stature” is a punishment by the Gods for killing her.  Which Tywin and Cercei never fail to  remind him of.  At all times he is never considered from his own point of view, of his despising humiliation and constant ridicule, of not having a mother, of rising above his problems.  Bereft of love, he frequents brothels and winehouses, and is despised by his father for it. They won’t give him love, and they won’t allow him to seekn love elsewhere. Instead, they force him to marry the daughter of their slain enemy.
Only Jaime gets along with Tyrion, but at the end of book 3, not yet shown on air, we find out that Lord Tywin had forced Ser Jaime to do something devastating to his younger brother. 
Following his emotions, Tyrion makes an enemy of his sister, his nephew Prince Joffrey, and the whole  seven kingdoms.
The book series trails off with Tyrion making a series of bad choices that ever throws him more into the scapegoat role so that I fear he will never get out of it.
It appears to be the Lannister fate to be consumed by dragons.


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