New Years Resolution: Moving On

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This one is for my siblings, who will hate me no matter what I do:

I want you to see what you wont see,
but you wont see it.
I want to leave you understanding,
but you wont understand it.
I want to leave with things resolved,
but you wont resolve anything.
You remain ignorant,
for which you blame me.
So I leave you ignorant and hateful.
in your own filth,
as I clean it off my self.
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Game of Thrones: Tywin Lannister is a Narcissist

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HBO’s fantasy series ”The Game of Thrones,” a shrewd cross between ”The Lord of the Rings” and ”The Sopranos,” has a special treat for surviving children of Narcissistic parents; the sourcebook author George R.R. Martin has a good eye for writing on dysfunctional families, and nobody does dysfunction quite as well as the Lannisters.
Lord Tywin Lannister is a humorless family patriarch and de facto king whose primary drive is to feed the justification for his family’s grandiosity, which fuels his own. He doesn’t take pleasure in the suffering of others as some other characters, notably the Bastard Ramsey Snow; but he’ll lay waste to a third of Westeros to protect the family name, i.e. his self image.
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