A Highly Sensitive Statement

05/20/2012 § 1 Comment

In her book The Highly Sensitive Person, (___) Elaine Aron legitimized in 1998 what Sensitives the world round already knew: that roughly 20% of any population anywhere have both 1) a greater capacity at perceiving and processing sensory information, and 2) a greater need for sleep, time-outs and recovery periods.

Aron reconfirms the Neo-Darwinian concept that survival is not a solo endeavor but a community one; that we all carry recessive genes that enable 20% of our offspring to be Highly Sensitive Perceivers (HSPs) but not more than that, because just that proportion- not more or less!- provides our community with the optimal capacity of insight for us to make informed choices for our own survival and prosperity.

While Aaron has accomplished a lot to promote the legitimization of HSPs in the scientific community, we are far from being anyone’s idea of mainstream.  The purpose of this blog, then, is to advance the acceptance of Sensitives in ordinary society by 1) facilitating dialogue between us, 2) by promoting and developing healthy relationships with our potential Allies– what I call “Normally Sensitive People”; and 3) providing me with a platform to express my own thoughts about the intersection of High Sensitivity and daily life.

Intended topics will include__

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